what would this be considered?

A poem or a short story? HATE OR RESENTMENT?

When you feel that no matter how much you love someone they treat you like dirt… You tend to ask yourself questions like, If a family member cant love you unconditionally, why would some stranger? I question that about my brother… I keep trying, yet fail miserably no matter what I do.

He is filled with so much hate or resentment towards me, enough to hurt me time & time again. I wonder if he is from my flesh & blood and treats me that way, why do I deserve any better from a complete stranger. It is as if No matter where I turn to, Someone is always proving to me that I can trust no one. For even friends backstab you when you least expect it, when you need them to be at your side, rather then enjoying the pain & agony you go through.

Is it my destiny to walk the earth alone with no one by my side? For as time passes me by, I feel more alone then ever before. Am I supposed to ailianate myself from the world because I cant seem to comprehend… The way people are so thrilled when you ache so they can feel better!

Is this a world I want to be a part of? Cant trust my own flesh and blood how am I to trust a stranger that calls themselves friends?! Do we not look for complete and unconditional acceptance or love… How can anyone offer that when they dont know the true meaning of it?

Am I to just walk away and act as if nothing and no one exists to me for everyone will do or say something to betray that trust? How can I call someone a friend if they are here today and gone tomorrow…that is an aquintance not a friend. Why, why have people forgotten how to be more considerate to other people’s feelings? What will it take to remind them of the true meaning or real friendship or unconditional love & acceptance.

Have we so lost the meaning of remorse or have we so much hate and resentment for each other and are incapable of seeing beyond out own greed? Is that so much to ask for to be caring & considerate of one’s feelings even if you dont agree or believe in their ways of life? Can we just stop trying to change everything and everyone til we all look walk and talk the same?
Have we learned nothing in the last millenium?

Have we so much discuss for ourselves that we must seek it in others? So miserable to bare to look at ourselves in the mirror day in and day out that we try to pull a fast one on the first availiable week link in the group, family or congregation? Can we just stop the hatred long enough to try to forgive and work out a plan or stratagy to change for the better. Isnt even the slightest change a huge impact on the journey to a better life…a more decent life where there is a mutual understanding…minus the hate & resentment we feel for one another!

Can we put our differrences aside long enough to fix the issues we have with ourselves so we can fix the differences we have with our families, friends and strangers alike? Is there a way to stop the violance long enough to make this world a better place by changing the way we see things? Is it not worth a shot to feel like you dont have to be constantly hovering over your shoulder living in fear or secluded for perhaps your own flesh and blood may attack you in the night? Money, greed, all of its poison depriving us of the true meaning of happiness & superficial things that rot in the depth of the graves where we take all of it & it’s power for there is no more of anything left but rotten ashes.

Answer #1

I would call this “prose”. Did you write it?

Answer #2

Yes I did…I typed too fast some errors :P I didnt even first draft it…that is why i was wondering…:)

Answer #3

I guess i was bored & decided to write it after i typed out a poem was saving to the computer. Never wrote like that before so it was hard for me to distinguish if it was considered a short story or a form of poetry…but i am glad it’s still something “prose” or not just creative writing i guess.:)

Answer #4

Sometimes I just randomly write things in this form as a way to keep the creative juices flowing…I call it word vomit, lol :)

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I do this too. Good job. =) I love when people do things like this.

Answer #7

I just call it Aestheticism. =D

Answer #8

awe…thanks…sweet of you to say that!

Answer #9

=) You’re very welcome.

Answer #10

glad you liked it :)

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