What are conservatives and liberals?

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If its not republican I dont care; lol, just kidding..

- Conservatives: A person who is averse to change and holds to traditional values and attitudes, typically in politics

- Liberals: Bascially the opposite of conservatives

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-A conservative is usually a person that keeps their traditions, values, morals. In politics the Republican party are the "conservatives" since they want everything in the U.S to stay the same, and are usually close-minded.
- A Liberal is a person who is looking for new things, and usually is very open-minded. In politics the "Liberals" are the Democratic party :)

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Close-minded or they Care about constitution being followed, family, values, Free Market where success is celebrated, not hated because one makes it into higher income brackets, Bible is respected as God's Word, unborn babies are considered a 'gift from God', not 'punishment',PROUD to be American, not apologetic for it, etc - Change is not always positive/better..as evidenced by recent Policy Failures..don't just listen to the rhetoric/sound bites, Look at the actual numbers..Your children/grandchildren are BURIED in Trillions in DEBT..One unashamed/unapologetic Christian, Conservative, Veteran American here.. :-)

what is the different between conservative and liberal views?

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