what are the consequences that parents can get from mentaly abusing their child?

and can that child go to a foster home if she wanted?

Answer #1

I dont know, but i really wanna. Ik if my parents saw me saying this, they’d get more mad though. If you find out. Tell me.

Answer #2

What exactly do you mean by consequences? Mental/Emotional abuse is very hard to prove in itself. If you mean ja.il time, it is highly unlikely. Theoretically the child could be taken away and the parents would have to go through parenting and therapy to get the child back. Your best bet is calling the child abuse hotline. See what they say.


Answer #3

A guilty concience, if anything. (cant spell sorry ha). Yeah call the child abuse hotline as said above, but if you do end up in a foster home, you should try to cut contact wiht the parent/parents that are emotionally abusing you. My mum still did it via text and voicemail and by getting involved with the social worker trying to mess things up for me and get me sent back home by making out like i was lying and attention seaking and wasting social services time. Just make sure they cant contact you if u can (if u go into a foster home) because its just as damaging being away from them and still getting the abuse, you might as well still be with them. cut yourself lose before they do any more damage (if thats what you want) Good luck x

Answer #4

It depends on how tough the abuse is. Sometimes it takes time for that kind of abuse to be detected. In consequences, the only thing that happens is this. If you go to foster home you get a family treatment plan and what your perents have to do to get you back, Theraphy for you. theraphy for mom and dad And then it depends on how much help they need, some have to take classes to learn how to be a better perent, others drug and alcahol classes, it all depends. When you end up in a foster home, is because there safety issues. cps tries to work things and try to get you guys help, while you are still in the home, their last resource is a foster home. Foster homes are tough and believe me it’s hard to be away from the house you live in, even if you don’t think like that now. When your in a foster home you deal with caseworers,casas,lawyers, a therapist, and a bunch of stuff you don’t even want to now. It’s too much stress at a certain momment. But if you rellay feel that what you are going trough is alot then you could always call CPS to get help and from there they will determine if you end up in a foster home, or if you guys could fix things while you remain in the home. You could also meaby tal to your perents about this, but then again I do understand that sometimes that just maes things worst.

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