conifers tree roots size

My next door lot have planted about 5 conifers 4 feet from a building I have built at the back of the garden.

Q will thre roots go under the footing and do the concrete slab in ? I read on one of the lables on the tree that it will grow three feet a year up to 70 to 100 feet.

Answer #1

Im thinking of digging a two foot trech from the bottom of the footing . It quite a lot of work but I dont mind doing it if It will work . Bottom line is I will resoprt to some of the dark things I have read bit I would rarther live and let live, but at the end of the day I worked hard doing this building myself. It for my son who has a sever learnig disabilty and returning home in July after tree years in college

Answer #2

Yepp, it’ll go right under the building you built. They wern’t very smart when they planted those.

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