Why did he ask me out when we don't know eachother?

okay so there is this guy I like who goes to my school and we were texting. He kept buggin me and saying that we need to hang out and such. So I asked him why he needs to hang out with me so quickly and he was like well I think that you are hot. Then he was like will you go out with me. I told him that I didnt even know him and he said okay.

so why would he ask me out if we never talk, we only said hi in the hallway like once, were never in any classes together, and never hang out?

Answer #1

lol. yea what snow white said. well ALOT of guys in my school do the same thing only they IM me or actualy just come up to me and ask me out, and im like uhhh whats ur name lol. alot of them just do it cuz im hott [ not trying to be conceded ] maybe he thinks your hott and wants some of that bootaaay lol. but yea find out about him, see if hes actualy into you or if hes just trying to get some. but i think hes nto you cuz he sed for you guys to chill, and thats a good sign. hang out with him and see what hes like..and then ask around about him to lol

Answer #2

Love at first sight, I guess lol? Who knows? Maybe dude really has fallen for you..test him out and see if he keeps textin’/calling you..and you will see whats up…but until then be normal & cool like nothing has happened..maybe he has heard good things about you..find out about him quietly lol without him finding out! tell me how it goes..

Answer #3

girl, don’t get your hopes up because those high school boys are confusing just as the math exam i have been trying to take lol..just be friends…boys in that age don’t know what they really want their hormones rage..

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