Confused about my period, normal to get it early?

Lol I feel a little uncomftable askin’ this but its worryin me so yeah.

I started like 2 year ago nearly and I’ve been regular for the past year or so. I come on at like a very end of a month or the very start of the next.

But last tym I came on like 20th feb. I think.

Is that normal to come on early, cs im worried my next one should have came by the same time (which if it was, it didnt, since its about the 24th I think and theres no sign of it coming on)

Or is it likely it was just a one off and will come my usual time?


Answer #1

It will never really be exactly on the right date. There are factors that can prolong you from starting or make you start earlier. For example, stress can make your period start late, which can put you off. Dont worry about it. It will always be a little different.

Answer #2

I dont think you should worry because each month has either 28 days and/or 30. at least your period doesnt skip days know what I mean? but other then that youre fine =)

Answer #3

Ahh its normal to have your period change like that once in a while. You shouldnt be worried unless your periods are abnormal in the sense that they are heavier or spotting occurs. :]

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