Why did she break up with me to go back out with me?

my ex-girlfriend told me she needed a break because her life was getting rough, 4 weeks later we started to hang out again and she told she still loves me and i still love her. she said she wants to get to no me better, and then maybe go back out wat does this mean?

Answer #1

It means exactly that: that she wants to find out more about you, because you act dfferently around your friends then you would a girlfriend. You tend to act nicer and more respectable around someone you are dating, but she wants to see the real you.

Answer #2

Thats a load of crap angelfire, girls tend to be victims of heartbreak VERY EASILY! Males are the predator of our minds, hearts, sexual side of it and lust. A break is fine, and tell ya what, a BREAK means there is hope of regaining what was left… DUMPED is when its all over! So this girl has obviously had heartbreak before, who knows how many times, but ONE is bad enough, i should know. She doesn’t want to make a mistake with this one, so she is taking her time and making sure you ARE right one for her. Don’t listen to any negatives, keep positive… at least if it doesn’t work out, she will most likely be a friend. Better a friend than nothing!

Answer #3

Get to know you better? Your her ex. Youve been in a relationship together. So how better does she want to get to know you?

From my experience with breaks is, thats just a nice way of letting the other person down gently saying they really dont want to be with them anymore. You dont need to take a break from your bf to get to know them better. Thats just rediculous! She could have gotten to know you better by staying in the relationship!

Dont put your life on hold waiting/expecting her to come back, because you just might be waiting a longgg time!

Answer #4

Maybe your ex-girlfriend was having problems in her life that she felt she couldn’t tell you. She told you her true feelings that she loves you, and trust me LOVE is a big thing.. Tell her that you will always be there for her, don’t pressure her into telling you things, let it come out when it needs to. Just be there for her. Maybe you will find out things you never knew about her if she wants to “know you better”. Because she has said this, it DOES mean she is interested in you but just doesn’t want to make a mistake before she gets into something deep which i gather both of you want.

Good luck

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