What should i do if my boyfriend breaks up with me and go back to his ex?

I need help!!!...I love my boyfriend so much and I trust him but I just don't trust him when his with a girl named Jessica who's a whore and likes him and would do anything to get what she wants and she is one of the most beautiful girls I've ever seen and I'm scared that my boyfriend will like her more than me sense she's a million times better looking than I am...help!!!

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Well yess let him go hun! The old saying is there are plenty of other fish in the sea! (: He isn't the only guy out there! (: Good luck Xx

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Let him go,you will find that girls that are very good looking are very shalow,and phony.Let him find out on his own.

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Well if she isn't an ex and if he hasn't admitted feelings for her, it's natural to be attracted to other people or think they are good looking, but that does not necessarily mean they like, love, or sexually want that person. If you are confident in your relationship and he is satisfied I don't see the problem, unless they are doing things boyfriend and girlfriend should do alone, like movies or dinner...if that's the case give him a chance to end their friendship and make boundries and if he isn't willing to do that to show respoect for your feelings then yeah dump him because he should be doing that stuff with you and not other girls-- that is where I draw the line with my boyfriends female friends (which not many of them are around anymore :).

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