Why should I get confirmed?

Why should I get confirmed?

Answer #1

you’ll get the 7 gifts of the holy spirit :)

knowledge wisdom council courage reverence awe understanding

who wouldnt want that :P

Answer #2

Look in your heart and think about what you are confirming.

If in your heart of hearts you believe in your religion and your church’s teachings than get confirmed.

If you have issues put off your confirmation until these issues are resolved. Talk to family, friends, clergy, etc. about your issues. If after gathering more information you are convinced that your religion and church are right confirm at that point. If after gathering more information you still don’t have warm fuzzys about it than continue your quest for truth even if it leads you to another religion or church or nothing at all.

Under no conditions should you confirm your beliefs because everyone else is or because other people expect you to. A confirmation is only meaningful when it is heartfelt and the product of a great deal of soul searching. It is true that a lot of people who confirm are just going through the motions but this is just ritual without meaning and worthless.

Answer #3

It is up to you..Let me tell you this true story about my aunt’s mother.My Aunt’s mom was born in Liberia, same as her and her mother lived in a pelle(Liberian tribe) village.One day this British preacher came to their village and began preaching having an enterpretator at his side enterpretating the english into their native language. They asked my Aunt’s mom to go, but she refused and stayed home.In the middle of the service the white british preacher who had no understanding of any language besides english,began speaking in pelle. When my aunt’s mother was told, she ran to the church and found this white man speaking their language shockingly. She converted instantly and beecame a Christian.It’s up to you, to me every religion feels like their reaching for God but in Christianity I feel God is reaching down to us. you can do what you choose just pray and seek guidance from the lord

Answer #4

As a Catholic, we believe that confirmation is important for two reasons. First, it is our own personal affirmation of the commitment that was made for us when we were baptized, typically as an infant. We could not ask to enter the Church for ourselves; it was our parents and godparents who asked for us. Now we need to make that commitment ourselves, to complete the Sacraments of Initiation.

But even more, it is God confirming what has been begun in us. Remember that in all we do, and especially in the sacraments, no matter how much we do or give, G-d does and gives more. So confirmation is an important step in our personal, life-long dialogue with G-d: we accept what G-d gave us before we could even know what we were choosing, and G-d continues to confirm all that went before.

Answer #5

Confirmation is studying our Lord and Savior and some church history. That may lead to salvation, hopefully a decision will be made before, during, or after!

Infant baptism is an outward sign that our parents promise to raise up a child in the way they should go: training in fear (reverence) and admonition of the Lord.

Only when each of us decide to let Jesus into our heart that He may reign there, is when we will be absolutely positively sure that we will be going to heaven.

Later in life, public baptism is when we have accepted Christ and we have put away the old self and have been born again. The way we used to be, the old wicked person we used to be has actually died, and a new person IN CHRIST, is there.

I have seen young 5 year olds raise their hands at Vacation Bible School, and accept Jesus. He welcomes all His children to come to Him, because the Kingdom of Heaven belongs to such as these. Also, I’ve prayed with the elderly (some Agnostic) on their death bed and when they come to Christ, they become children of the Living God, too. Pure joy, in the Lord, living for Him. But a word of caution: It is never a bed of roses all the time as some may think. You have to live INTENTIONALLY for Him. Sometimes we are ridiculed. But always give God praise as He leads you through your tough times as well as your fun times.

Answer #6

Its fun to get confirmed, I was almost a year ago when I was 13. It was awesome!!

Answer #7

Because I am Orhtodox but went to a Catholic school all my friends got confirmed and I felt left out so I got a blessing instead. But I had a spiratual momment when I had my blessing even though I wasn’t even getting my confirmation. Personally, I really felt like I had my confermation. That year, My faith grew in God and it helped me threw so many issues. Thats why personally I got confirmed. So twist it around and make it your reason

Answer #8

I grew up Lutheran (and am not Lutheran now)I am non denominational(a Christian ONLY) As a Luthern I went through confermation and I do not believe it is necessary. It teaches church doctrine mainly. not God’s doctrine(the Bible) Sure, confirmation has you memorize scripture, which is a good thing, but where in the bible is confirmation? Its not necessary for salvation is what I am saying. My kids never went through it and they are believers and saved.
Think of the 12 apostles, the 12 men Jesus chose as His followers. We are like that, were they learned scholared men? NO! they were tough, rough fishermen. Its the RELATIONSHIP we have with Christ, sure knowledge is great and we should want to learn as much as we can as a Christian about Him and His word, but confirmation isn’t going to make you a Christian or not. It’s what you feel, if to you its a sin for not going, then all means go, but its really not necessary otherwise.

Answer #9

what do you think? If you want to be confirmed thats your choice, but I am sure it would do you no harm!!! Any way if you need advice send an email to allyolly@btinternet.com

Answer #10

it is the ulrimate rite we celebrate in affirming our beleifs (unless you become a member of cergy) - you should google the confirmation questions - deep.

Answer #11

its not about confirming you can confirm your faith with god alone and then get baptized!! a life wiht god is wonderful but it is something that you have to really pray about and talk about with god!! I will be praying for you!!

god bless

Answer #12

Confirmation is when the HOLY SPIRIT units with you as at Penticost with the Apostles in the upper room. There were Tongues of Fire upon there heads. This is the same thing as a Kundalini awakening (Kundalini is from the Hindu religion). Every Religion and secret society has a KUNDALINI EQUIVALENT.

Paul had to go himself to Asia Miner instead of writing an Episile or sending Timethy. The reason was he had to LAY HANDS on those to be CONFIRED or SPIRITUALLY AWAKENED. You see this sort of thing today with Charismatic Healers in Catholisim: they touch a person’s forehead and the HOLY SPIRIT enters that person and they fall backwards and need to be helped to the ground by assistants in back of them. I had this happen to me. I was also confirmed. At the time of my confirmation the practice was for the Bishop to anoit the forehead with holy chrism and administer a GENTLE slap to the side of the face. This is a far cry from a real AWAKENING EVENT.

The Spiritual awakening that should go along with confirmation Would be what happened to the Apostles on Penticost. Your ego would disappear and you would be filled with virtues, courage and gifts of the Holy Spirit. Forgive spelling, David

Answer #13

Dear funadvice,

I beg to differ. Confirmation is more than “just a physical symbol of your beliefs.” It is an encounter among you, the Church, and God. In Confirmation, the Holy Spirit is sent on the person being confirmed to strengthen his or her spirit, to equip them for a life of faithful witness, to do all the things that the Gospel according to John tell us the Paraclete (Holy Spirit) will do for us, including remind us of all that Jesus taught. That is what makes it a liturgy, a sacrament: it is a physical and social symbol; it is also, and even more so, a powerful spiritual symbol in which we meet God.

Answer #14

I think that people should get confirmed because they choose they want to exept Christ into their lives. Also to complete that Sacraments of Initiation. I think it is a persons own choice, to get confirmed, or to not.

Answer #15

Confirmation builds faith. It is a class that teaches the petitions in the Lord’s Prayer and the Apostle’s Creed. There is some church history involved and scripture is taught and memorized. The books of the Bible are memorized, the major and minor prophets are studied, etc. Scripture taken to heart is essential for Christians to be able to give apt words when needed. Confirmation doesn’t save, asking Jesus into your heart, that you want to follow Him and die to self, asking forgiveness for your sins, that He died and rose again, that He is Lord God the Father and the Holy Spirit in One.

Answer #16

Confirmation of your faith is just a physical symbol of your beliefs. Take baptism for example, some people dont get baptised, I dnot know if that is rite or wrong. but a baptism is a way of showing the world what u believe. it really does confirm your faith between u and God.

Answer #17

wow yall guys have no life

Answer #18

becaus you seem cool

Answer #19

You should go through with Confirmation to affirm your own beliefs and follow in the paths of the members of the congression before you. This won’t affect your ability to get into heaven unless you believe it will… then you won’t make it if you don’t… I know that must not make sense, but belief is a huge powerful force in the world.

My beliefs involve “aura”, souls, making contact with the creator, and a Christian-like morality just like the Christians or Muslims. But my beliefs hint toward Wicca or Buddha or Yoga for the belief that only alone can one properly “worship”. I also believe that my beliefs would be bad for someone who doesn’t believe as I do. Too many times in history has man tried to “impose” by force his beliefs onto others. This creates a spiritual equivalent of two like sides magnetic polarities trying to touch. However, just because Bush is a born-again Christian does not make him right or a good example to follow of this spiritual path. His job would never allow him to follow an implicit Christian path which the founders of this country knew so long ago. So don’t use others to decide your path. Search within and make decisions that are right for you. You may not be a hundred percent positive on your future, but that is not something to fear. You can always take a spiritual sidestep if that is how you wish to go later in life.

Answer #20

You shouldn’t. It has no bearing on anything. I mean, if you want to be confirmed and really feel that it’s the right thing to do, then go for it..but otherwise, there’s no need for it. It has nothing to do with getting to heaven..accepting Christ as your personal Lord and Savior is the only thing that can get you to heaven.

Answer #21

You shouldn’t. I was raised catholic. They have trust in the POPE, church traditions with the bible last. The bible is Gods living communication to all his people on every topic in life. The pope is a human being…. making him anything else is blasphemy. A priest is still human too. Making people holy, is in direct conflict w/ true Christianity. The whole reason Jesus came here was to cleanse us of our sin, to make us good enough to live with God. As you can see by the sins of the priests in the news, they are just as sinful as anyone else. I didn’t know I was learning something wrong until I grew up and went to a bible believing church. It took me a few years to get it out of my head. You see, before Jesus, everyone had rituals they had to do, to be a “good” person and become good in God’s eyes. Then Jesus came, bc noone is perfect, (even the pope). We are naturally sinful, can’t live with God when we die bc we aren’t perfect. God cannot live with sin. so, he sent Jesus, who took all our sins and kinda traded our sins for his “no sins”. So, we do not and are not supposed to rely on deeds or rituals to be good people, or doing what is required… Jesus just asks you admit u r a sinner. Thank him for coming to save us, bc when we die and meet God, guess what? Confess your sin to God, He’s better than a priest…repent, try not to repeat the sin… and when you die…God sees his son not our sins…simple. A relationship with Jesus. No stations of the cross memorizing, making a human being “HOLY” not letting someone marry unless they study a book that isn’t in the bible…and become catholic…it has nothing to do with a relationship with God. It is religion, or products of religous people, which as a catholic I was taught that was good. Oh he’s so religous…ppl would say. That was outward, holy cards, always lighting candles, having religous pictures in your home. All these have absolutely nothing to do with having a relationship with Jesus and understanding that he himself told us…Noone gets to the father except through me… : ) for the wages of sin is death (what we earn from sinning), but the GIFT (not something we earn by good works) of God IS everlasting life through Christ Jesus. Get it? If you do your quicker than me. I was so brainwashed that the catholic church was the first and only true church…I was afraid to think about leaving. I was scared of God, and didn’t understand He loves EVERYONE…this is what I did… first I talked to Jesus, I said”Jesus, I love you, I am so thankful you came here to die for my sins. Please forgive me for my sins and become the Lord of MY life… I am chosing to follow you, to love you and obey your fathers commandments to ther best of my ability. I will put on the full armour of God on so I can combat the enemy who wants me to die, because I have chosen to love you”. “Thank you for loving me like you do”…Amen. So if you can, start reading the bible… and look up things you don’t understand on Biblegateway…and please listen to this man about the difference between catholics and bible believing churches. I chose riverland Hills Baptist church. You can go online and listen to his preaching…he can help you grow. If you are not catholic, but any “religion” that requires YOU to Do something to go to heaven other than embrace Jesus, run! That is basically saying “what Christ did isn’t enough, so I have to do MORE”. You can’t serve two masters…(the world and its things that are not everlasting or Christ, His love and everlating life) I care about you friend, please keep doing research. Let me know what town u r in through my email and I can point you to someone who has biblical answers not human ones to help you grow in understanding. umakemesmile6@yahoo.com (my email)… my church… [link removed] ( freedom from guilt) [link removed] (this is very informative, a little boring in the beginning, but worth sticking it out ) hope this helps you understand… Debbie

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