Condom slips off...pregnant?

I was having vaginal sex with a condom with my girlfreind. While behind her during intercourse I ejaculated and proceeded to pull out. While doing so the condom slipped of when I had my penis about 95% out and half of the condom remained inside of her. I quickly removed it by the half that was sticking out. Im worrying if she might be pregnant and is it possible considdering most of semen appeared to remain inside of condom?

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I'd say if you were doggy stylin', and the condom was in and hanging out it could be a possibility, but I wouldnt stress over it really because it's just as hard to get pregnant, as it is to get pregnant, if that makes sense. What I'm saying is, think about all those couples who have unprotected sex, finish inside a woman and still to no avail. They are purposely trying to have a kid and it doesnt happen, so you most likely didn't get her pregnant, however it could still happen if you are shooting epic sperm lol. Give it a couple weeks, tell her to take a test or better yet buy one for her, and if she isnt pregnant, take this moment to thank everything around you, and be more careful next time. Hold the condom when pulling out, even try pulling out and not going inside her all together. The safest way to not get pregnant is to not have sex at all, but that's easier said than done :P

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yes, she could be pregnant
any time she has sex, wether its proteceted or not
theres a chance of pregnancy
because the condom is not 100% effective
also if the condom came off inside her, sperm could have came out and got her pregnant
to find out if shes pregnant tell her to take a pregnancy test 2-3 weeks after you had sex
(any sooner and the results won’t be accurate)
in the morning with your first pee is the best time
and take it when your period is due
alternatively, see a doctor for a blood test
this will both let you find out quicker and give you more accurate results
and remember to both LEARN about sex before you go off having it
learn about as well as a male and female reproductive system
birth control, contraception, pregnancy and sti/stds
don’t have sex until you know the consequences involved with it
because the main reason why kids and teens get pregnant and get stds
is because of a lack of sex education

What if me and my partner had sex and the condom slipped off inside of me will we are still having sex is it a possibility that i could be pregnant?
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Ya I've been goen at it for 2 years now and all we use is the pill well she dose and we havent had no kids but then agan my swimers may not swim all that well but any way the chance is slim to none my grame in a docter for girls and she said if its on the out side it can hapen but it ant a very good % they only have so long to swim there way up

What are the chances of being pregnant when you use a condom?
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There are times that you can't even see the escaped semen. There is a chance she could get pregnant. Wait a while for her to take a test, if she isn't, get her on birth control. One of the best things in the world to have to keep from having a baby.

Can I be pregnant if the condom did not break?

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