Pregnant if the condom came off during sex?

Ok, here's the deal...about 2 weeks ago, I had sex. It was protected, however, the only method of protection used was a condom. I am not on the pill (yet). Okay, getting a bit personal here, but this information is significant...the guy did NOT cum inside of me. BUT the condom slipped off mid-session, and we had to stop and retrieve another condom. If he did not cum inside of me, is there still a chance that I could be pregnant? No criticism needed, thank you.

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yes, you could still be pregnant
a condom is only 98% effective if used correctly
and seeing as though it came off, it wouldnt have worked properly
even if he didnt cum inside you
there is semen in pre-cum
(released every now and then before ejaculation)
and neither him nor you will notice it coming out
and unlike what the user said above, the condom comming off would NOT have stopped any pre-cum from comming out
and because the condom came off and because of pre-cum you have a lot more than a 2% chance of being pregnant
so take a pregnancy test 2-3 weeks after sex to find out
(any sooner and the results wont be accurate)
or see a doctor for a blood test to find out sooner and get more accurate results

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yeah I doubt it hun. I mean pre cum, but that was resolved when he put the codom on. I would say go get checked out just in case.

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I highly doubt it, but you never know.

had sex and the condom was stuck inside me can i be preganant?

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