Why does our conscience give us nightmares?

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conscience hahaha

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wow my spelling is really bad >< teehee i think half of that was typo tho :)

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hmmmm… thats a tuffie…

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made me laugh ><

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Mine don’t,,

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ok, now we have to get technical here…I will try to make it as understandable as possible without getting all weird! :) When we do something while we are conscience, and for some reason we feel unsure about it, have regrets about it or it happens to be something bad, some of us that have a conscience, feel guilty about it. When we sleep, those thoughts tap into what is called the un conscience mind. If it bothers us that much, it can turn into nightmares or simply weird dreams.

Now please dont quote me on this, I am not a psychologist or anything, but I love psychology & read a lot about it. This info is merely of things I have read about so it may or may not be false info. Your best bet is asking someone more professional that deals with psychology.

Hope this helped.

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it did thanyou very much.xx

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glad to hv helped

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