How long does it take for these medicines to work?

I just got on concerta 36 mg for adhd and lamictal (not sure how many mg but I think it’s high because the tablet is really big) for my mood swings and bad temper… can somebody please tell me how long it takes for the medicines to actually work because I don’t think anything has changed (I’ve been taking them for about 5 weeks now)… also can somebody please tell me what the most common side-effects of these two medications are? thanks!!!

Answer #1

I have been taking concerta for about 6 or 7 years… it has worked so good for me… I take a much much higher amount but give it time it will work

Answer #2

Lamictal I believe takes a few days to actually have an effect on your system… I know that sometimes when lamictal is used with another drug then you have different side effects then you would with the lamictal alone

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