Why does my computer play random videos?

I can hear the sound but i never can find where it is coming from.Its weirdd!I look all over pages for advertisements playing but nothing.it still plays when i go offline too.

Answer #1

See this is why you have the viruses, step away from the computer.

Answer #2

Im downloading AVG virus software.

Answer #3

my computer was doing this too me it was singing but all the websites were closed and everything was closed!

Answer #4

and what was it , ? a virus ?

Answer #5

you need to switch to firefox. internet explorer is not as safe as the fox

Answer #6

is firefox a scam?Does it cost money?

Answer #7

no firefox is free… i use it and so do a lot of people.


its also a lot faster than IE.

trust me youll be glad you did..

i would never recommend someone something if i didnt think it was any good ;)

Answer #8

I hope that helps you, I don’t use anti virus software, but I also don’t run windows.

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