Is a mac better than a dell?

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I own both a mac and dell laptop. I would say they are both good in different ways. A mac has a very different system but to me, more convenient. If you prefer to stick to the standard thing, then a dell would be better. But mac has a much better battery life than a dell.

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seriously, in my opinion and many others, dell, as we all know, is a company that makes cheap computers for cheap people. They use cheap parts to make any of them except the xps series, but thats about it, and the cheap parts fail, and your stuck with a broken a*s computer.

Mac is way much better. Im using my MACbook right now. This macbook has been named one the best laptops(13,3 inch category, at least)in 2007. Why? Excellent build quality, mac osx, software, hardware, everything. Sure, you may be paying a bit more for a mac than a dell, but you are getting quality!

yes, both companies have their good and bad. Dell has gay computers all-around except for xps which are meant for gaming which are meant for gaming, which were the mac fails where it is supposed be you entertainment system, not gaming system.

So it depends on you, you want a pc(dell) for gaming or a gay a*s computer
or a mac that does everything well, but not the ability to game

(I am using gaming as my example, cause thats the biggest thing I compare between the two, and second, im a gamer)

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Depends on what you want to do with it.

I am definitely *NOT* a fan of MacOS for servers. All my experience has been bad. They can be quite nice desktops though.

In general I'd steer someone toward a standard PC (Dell, HP, etc) but for certain nitches a Macintosh is a better choice.

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macs suck. theres that commercial for the ac and the pc and the mac said he could do all this cool stuff on his mac movie maker and pc couldnt, yet as it turns out the mac movie maker costs 40 $, and the pc has windows movie maker which is free.

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macinthosh so much better they dont get any viruses plus with osx 10.5 you can run windows on a mac and spit your hard drive the perfict computer

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Nope. . . . . . . Mac actually looks like linux. . . . Without the open code.

which one do you like better? why?

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Totally agree with belindaleigh. Friends don't let friends buy a Dell.

*finds some of the above incorrect statements quite funny*

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NONONONONONONONONOOO!!! jsut get a good dell, and ur good to go

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Mac pwnz Dell any day.

does anyone here carries a dell thats really thin?

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