How often should I completely clean (inside and out) my computer tower?

Answer #1

It depends on the the age of the computer and where it is. If you have a home computer which is in good condition, about once a year should be sufficient. You can use this as a guideline.

Answer #2

thanks much!

Answer #3

Your welcome.

Answer #4

You mean the CPU ? It depends on the pollution level in your area. Better clean once in a month or every twenty days. Be careful not to touch the mother board with brushes directly.

Answer #5

CPU? sorry I’m a computer idiot. Its a home PC. I do have three dogs and two cats so there is lots of hair, around hee. I clean the dust/hair off the outside every day or two, but wasn’t sure how often we should open it and clean the inside. IThanks!

Answer #6

She ment the actualy box. Not the CPU. And once a year is fine. You can also continue to wipe of the hair every day or two, it’s a good thing to do, it’ll will help the computer last longer.

Answer #7

if you own a desktop, (big black box) once a year is good unless its in a tight space where it can collect dust easier, mine is under my desk and it stores dust like a bunnie under the bed. So i personaly clean mine out every 4-6 months… Also if you have any animals you should be cleaning it out more often than a year so every 4-6 months as their hair can collect in there very easily along with the dust.

Me personaly even if i didnt have animals and a very dusty place i would still clean it out every 6 months. as the fans run better when they are clean.

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