How did Columbus discover America if Native Americans were already here?

Answer #1

He came over and one thing American elementary school do not teach is that Columbus came and enslaved and/or slaughtered a lot of Natives. It’s pretty horrible.

Answer #2

I know they dont,. My grandmother was a Blackfoot Indian and she told us stories about that

Answer #3

It disgusts me that it happens. Well at least once kids get older they learn it. I was in 4th grade and my teacher told us then that in American schools they don’t tell that (he was American)

Answer #4

He didn’t discover it, that’s the thing. He claimed that he “discovered” it even though there were people and life already living there way before he “discovered” it.

Answer #5

He discovered it but obviously wasn’t the first to discover it.

Columbus wasn’t even the first European to discover North America. Norseman Leif Ericson’s ship on the way to Greenland was blown off course and ended up in North America. Ericson called it Vinland and set up a colony in what became Newfoundland but the colony was later abandoned.

Columbus wasn’t searching for a new continent. Columbus was searching for a route to India that didn’t require going around Africa (there was no Suez Canal). The earth was larger than he anticipated and of course the Americas were in the way.

Answer #6

if you study it as european history then you can say columbus discovered it but if you study it as american history columbus just came to mess up things

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