What color goes best with red?

What color(s) look best with red? For my next school photos I want a red background, but I dont know what color shirt I should wear. I was thinking grey shirt then a black tank and black pants???

Answer #1

red and black - oh yeah !! - fire-engine red lipstick, mayday !!

Answer #2

black white or grey

Answer #3

I think it should be black all the way.

Answer #4

Green also looks good with red, like Christmas, Freddy Kruger’s sweater, or just about any plant that has red fruit. “God is a comedian playing to an audience too afraid to laugh.” (Voltaire)

Answer #5

black for shor

Answer #6

I think it shold be black

Answer #7

I never thought of the color tan before! I like it!

Answer #8

um black, gray, yellow, or purple

Answer #9

I think the best color that goes with red is black. Another good color for red is white. Green also goes with red but you run the risk of looking like Christmas.

Answer #10

black or tan deffenetly!

Answer #11

I agree I like black with red, especially since its my school’s colors. :)

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