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Can you get a masters degree from going to a community college? Could someone tell me about degrees from colleges? (amount of years ,etc)

Answer #1

no you cant…you gotta transfer to a 4 year college…after you finished all the class requirements in a community college

Answer #2

(This applies to the US. Other nations have different requirements. And your most trusted source of this type of information is your school guidance counselor.)

Associate degree - 2 years at a community college. Some 4 yr institutions also give out Associate Degrees

Bachelor degree - either associate degree plus 2 upper class years at a 4 yr college/ university; or 4 years at a 4 yr college/ university.

Masters - a Bachelors degree plus 1-3 years post graduate work

Doctorate - a Master’s degree plus a couple of more years of study plus a paper or dissertation in your field of study, and possibly work or teaching in your field. Total post high school education for an academic doctorate is 9-10 years.

Degrees in professional fields like medicine and law require a good amount of hands on experience. Specialties in medicine might take 10-12 years or more.

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