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About IMI - Marine Engineering College & Institute

Who we are

IMI is a leading Marine Engineering College and Institute based in Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh. Established in 1991 by 12 eminent professionals from the maritime fraternity, IMI has been dedicated to providing top-notch education and training in the field of Marine Engineering. Our institute is the realization of collective dreams to create a platform for aspiring marine engineers to kickstart their career journey.

What we Do

At IMI, we offer comprehensive degree programs in Marine Engineering, preparing students for a rewarding career at sea. Our fully residential program provides lodging facilities with well-designed rooms and dormitories for cadets. We believe in a holistic approach to education, combining theoretical knowledge with practical training.

Students at IMI participate in mock-up drills to simulate various situations they may encounter at sea. They are assigned regular assignments to enhance their problem-solving skills and are trained in safety procedures to ensure a secure working environment. Physical training is also integrated into the curriculum to maintain physical fitness, while steering practice for Nautical students hones their navigation skills.

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Why you should use us

Choosing IMI as your Marine Engineering Institute means gaining access to a world-class education and training facility. With a team of experienced professionals and state-of-the-art infrastructure, we are committed to shaping the next generation of marine engineers. Here are some reasons why you should choose IMI:

  • Industry-Driven Curriculum: Our programs are designed in collaboration with industry experts to ensure that students acquire relevant skills and knowledge that meet the demands of the maritime sector.
  • Practical Training: We emphasize hands-on training to equip students with the practical skills required to excel in their careers as marine engineers.
  • Placement Assistance: IMI has strong industry connections and offers placement assistance to help students secure job opportunities upon graduation.

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