What is the code to make your words white on the computer?

Answer #1

It depends what operating system and programme (application) you are using. Also why you are trying to do it.

example #1 highlight this text by selecting it (

Answer #2

Sorry - posted that by accident before it was finished. CONTINUED: …. by selecting it ( click and drag ) and the background probably goes blue, while the text probably turns from black to white.

Example #2 MS Word WP: [Tools] [Options] [General ] then .

Example # 3 chose required window by a then

to select all text in the active window - when white text will invert to black text, yellow text should become blue, green text should become magenta, red text should become cyan etc..

– Best wishes - Majikthise.

Answer #3

What is wrong with me today?

Example #2 MS Word WP: [Tools] [Options] [General ] then .

– Majikthise.

Answer #4

If you are coding at machine code level you have to combine the data bits with the relevant “Exclusive OR” operator for the microprocessor in use, using an an “operand” equal to a set of ones in those bits that represent the character code. It depends what character coding method is in use (e.g. ASCII) is in use, but if the character code uses the least significant y bits in an 8 bit “byte”, the operand would ned to be the binary pattern 01111111 which is usually expressed as the hexadecimal number 7F (sometimes represented #7F or 7FH).

– Majikthise.

Answer #5

sorry about the spelling mistakes. Also, I meant: … least significant 7 bits…” rather than “ … least significant y bits…”

[ Didn’t get enough sleep last night ! ]

Answer #6

i dont know

Answer #7

oh theres always a hard question

Answer #8

I’d try this one

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