Coco puff or Coco pebbles?

I have trouble deciding which is better.. all the time. What do you think?

Answer #1


Answer #2

Coco Pebbles


Answer #3

Coco pebbles

Answer #4

Oh! Coco pebbles for sure.

Although, if you put fruity pebbles and coco puffs on top off plain vanilla ice cream it reallly good! Just as cereals though, I prefer coco pebbles!

Answer #5

yay coco pebbles win!

Answer #6

cocoa puffs

Answer #7

hmmm that is hard, im going to ride the fence and say both!!!

Answer #8

I think you should go with Co Co pebles. They taste pretty good. Yum!

Answer #9

coco puffs definitly!! =]

Answer #10

Cocoa Pebbles.

Answer #11

coco pebbles are better!!

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