What brand of Cereal do you all like?

What brand of Cerial do you all like? Just wondering.

Answer #1

cinnamon toast crunch! :)

Answer #2

honey nut cheerios =]

Answer #3

my fave is corn pops without milk, but they get stuck to youur teeth but tehre still good, but antoher favorite o’ mine id that Nesquik one or watever, its choclate balls (not that way! :P) when you put milk in it it turns reallt choclolatey! yumm-meh!

Answer #4

I like Kashi mountain medley granola but it’s really expensive so I rarely buy it. It’s around $4 for a box half the size of regular cereal.

Answer #5

cocoa puffs cheerios reeses peanut butter kix frosted mini wheats

I like everything except fruit loops and fruity pebbles

Answer #6

Frosted Flakes all the way!

Answer #7

cinioms toast crunch or cherrioes

srry cant spell them

Answer #8

Honey Nut Cheerios!!!

Answer #9

I like Oreo O’s and Cheerios.

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