Clearing history?

Is there any really quick and easy way to erase any history after I’ve closed my window and finished on the computer, ie pressing a few buttons and its erased? I have a shared computer with my whole family (yes, all 9 of us) unfortuanately, so make it simple please! Lol thanks

Answer #1

If you set anything to happen automatically, remember to check on it also because someone else could change the settings back.

Good Luck!!

Answer #2

If you really want/need to use Internet Explorer, depending on the version, there is a very simple way to do this. in the “tools” dropdown select internet options. You should see “browsing history” under the general tab. There should be a checkbox that allows you clear history upon exiting.

Answer #3

Well if you get something like ccleaner (free) or a window washer you can run it and just tell it to wipe your browser history, whether IE or firefox. Also have it wipe your recycle bin, windows temp files, and other traces of your computer activities.

Personally I use firefox and just go to tools>clear private data or on the newest version its tools>clear recent history. But you have to be in the browser to do that.

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