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What is quickest and most reliable way to pass a ua for a heavy meth user?

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It doesnt taake as long for it to leave your system, although
im not going to tell you how long...
stop using will ruin your life appearance and everything...not to mention the stint in prison it can give you.
Please get help and it is possible to stop. I've seen it and know from experience

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yeah, if you don't want to stop using meth, HOW ABOUT STOP TAKING DRUG TESTS. pretty simple give up one or the other, on the using side you are wasting YOUR time, on the urine test side- you are wasting SOMEONE ELSES time.

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'Heavy Meth User' - Please get help - you're on a dead-end road literally !!

How do you clean out your system of thc fast?
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Not doing meth anymore, I'd say. That crap will ruin your life.

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Wow, a "Heavy Meth User"?!
Get Help...

How can I clean my system in 24 hours?

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