where can i take classes and get my CNA licence for free?

Answer #1

Free???? The only way not to pay is to get scholarships and grants. There are also some programs where if you volunteer to spend some time in a location which has dificulty locating nurses/doctors they will pay your student loan after you fulfill your obligation.

Answer #2

well were can you find those places at? and i meant like places to help you pay for it

Answer #3

In Florida you should contact the Florida Department of Education, Office of student financial assistance (OSFA). Phone number is 888-827-2004. Not only do they administer grants and scholarships but they also offer assistance in researching schools and dealing with the whole application and funding process. Since I am not sure where in the sunshine State you are you can either look the local office up on line or give the toll free number a call and see which office is closest.

Answer #4

Free CNA classes are available in Alabama for those who cannot afford the paid CNA training classes. These classes are offered by some certain colleges and universities or indirectly by nursing homes.

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