how do you smoke a cigar

how do you smoke a cigar

Answer #1

I have never smoked a cigar before, but I know what should you do, to smoke a cigar, but I wont teach you cause its a bad bad awful thing.. I would never done it ..

Answer #2

Nothing personal to roxy, but if you take her advice, you’re going to have a lousy cigar-smoking experience. A cigar is not a cigarette, and simply shoving it between your lips and sucking on it is not the way to go. A good cigar has many subtle textures and nuances to be enjoyed, and there are many fine guides out there to help you get the most from the experience.

Here’s an excellent starter guide on About that covers many of the basics:

Answer #3

1.Light it 2.Hold it 3.Put not lit end in mouth 4.Breath in 5.Take out of mouth 6.Breath out 7.repeat 3-6 until satasfield!

Answer #4

u shouldn’t cause there not good 4 u. if you start now then your messing up the rest of your life

Answer #5

I thought you had to cut the end of it first?

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