Christmas Questions

OMG soo excited about christmas…

(Only have to answer one)

What are you hoping for, for christmas this year? Whats the most festive thing about the season? Why do you like christmas? What does christmas mean to you?

You can answer them all if you like!

Merry Christmas!

Answer #1

I am so excited too! but the thing I want the most is for my boyfriend to propose to me on christmas (: in the snow with the christmas lights.

Answer #2

I’m hoping for a white christmas this year :) It’d make my year, tbh!

We haven’t seen a white christmas here since I was about 7, so that’s about 8 years ago now!

It’d be lovely :)

Answer #3

4th gen. ipod nano and tons of other stuff. presents, family, and all the cool decorations to see all the stuff above visiting family and sharing your spirit w/ each other

Answer #4

I am hoping that it will actually snow and we can have a white christmas songs and all the decorations its a time for celebration and bein near to family and friends it means to celebrate the birth of Christ with family and friends

Answer #5

All I really want is my set of Blue Drums. that’d make me very happy, even if I don’t get anything else. I like the presents of course, but probably hanging out with family. I love Christmas, I have something to do and I get lots of presents!! Christmas means hanging out with the ones you love and celebrating a wonderful day. AND PRESENTS!!!

Answer #6

I looove xmas so much!!! best time of the year!!! 1.For xmas this yr I want loads of little things like books, jewellery etc but most of all I want this adopt a reindeer package!!! you actually get to go and visit your adopted reindeer!!! 2.The best thing about the season is seeing all your family and being able to express your love and gratitude to people without being embarassed! I sed I love xmas because … well… its xmas!!! me xmas means PRESENTS!!! and lots of eating chocolates, sweets and other treats!!! oh and I love santa!!! merry christmas to everyone!!! p.s. sooo excited

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