chris brown and rihanna

do yall think they should get back 2gether personally I think she should leave him but what do yall think because I believe he got off 2 easily

Answer #1

she should dump him especially after he beat the shyt out of her seriously

Answer #2

no because he beat her up

Answer #3

no she should leave him because like would you ever abuse your girl friend

Answer #4

well if she does I think she dumb because as tghey said before if he did if once he’ll probally do it again, and who knows probally even worse this time, and with the fact that she might be pregnat,… shes very stupid if she does…

Answer #5

well thats the thing they did get back 2gether

Answer #6

she is old enough to make her choice, other then that, I really don’t care what they do

Answer #7

No way - she should not go back to him under any circumstace. He did it once he will probably do it again, she deserves better than that.

Answer #8

shes dum if she get bac with him

Answer #9


Answer #10

She’s not too bright if she goes back to someone who could be that violent. Run girl Run

Answer #11

I think they shouldn’t have gotten back together. I mean he b eat her up in a car and I herd she got a black eye! I agree with you he got off to easy

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