Chris brown and rihanna situation

What does everyone feel about the whole chris brown and rihanna thing ?

People are sayn that hes finished nal and oda people are sayn shes a bi**h and e shud of hit her harder ?:s:l

Just wnted te see what all of youz thought ?

Answer #1

fanasty I TOTALLY AGREE thats what am trying to tell people!!

Answer #2

Chris Brown messed up, that sound childish for beating up a celebrity (Rihanna) like that. never the less Rihanna must be stupid enought to be submissive to that extend

Answer #3

I feel like everbody should wait until the truth comes to the light..Chris doesnt have a pass of hitin/beatn any woman that I know of..Correct me if im wrong. But rihanna is said to have a bad pass..I’m NOT sayn she deserved it but I’m sayn she sparked the fire…Chris aint gone just hit her 4 no apparent reason everybody is against chris because rihanna seems innocent in this situation…So most people assume…Yes chris could have handled the situation better…Then again all you hear is ‘’chris should not have did this. Chris should not have did that.’’ What about what rihanna should/should not have done? Regardless to what happen I’m still and foreva gone be a fan of chris brown as well as rihanna…

Answer #4

I think no woman deserves to be hit! There is always other ways to solve personal matters. I did read in one of those “gossip” mags that their fight was bc she cheated on him with the artist The Dream. You never really get the truth from the tabloids.

Answer #5

yeeeah I think the same even if she WAS being a b**ch she doesnt deserve to be beaten up like that, no girl should be hit across the face let alone beaten up…BY HER BOYFRIEND!

but I think because his dad was abusive when he was a child didnt help, and he said hes gona get help..

Answer #6

No woman or man deserves to be hit - ever. No matter what she said or did - he should have took the higher ground as a man and been mature about it and just left her and left the situation. Whatever he gets - he deserves.

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