What's your favorite chocolate?

What’s your favorite chocolate? Just curious;)

Answer #1

how is white chocolate not a chocolate?

Answer #2


Answer #3

My favorite is Toblerone dark though every dark Swiss chocolate I tried was good.

The Swiss have a way with chocolate.

Answer #4

white chocolate isn’t actually chocolate..just so you know. :)

Answer #5

Dove & Cadbury & ferrero rocher drools


Answer #6

Any chocolate that won’t make me feel guilty after eating it…wait that hasn’t even been invented yet!

Answer #7

godiva is the best =)

Answer #8

White chocolate or milk chocolate w/ yummy fillings inside(:

Answer #9

I loveee milchocolate. I don’t know if you guys know it, but I love “Leonidas” the most.

Answer #10

Dorina and Milka

Answer #11

Any chocoloate that is white chocololate.

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