Chaos theory?

In theory, if there was no steryotyping, wouldn’t there be chaos?

just a thought

Answer #1

maybe for some people because then they might have to actaully be themselves and not somebody else…but in reality no there wouldnt…it would be utter beauty

Answer #2

with love there is chaos, without hate, there would not be love, without one there would not be the other, they only exist becoz there are two…think of it this way, if you were never able to feel cold?…then you would never know what it is to b warm…aslong as man has choice, man needs a selection

Answer #3

chaos? well maybe in your head… people organize things to minimize storage space in the brain, without it, well information would take up way too much space…

Answer #4

only for those uptight mofos who cant stand disorder

Answer #5

Yes probably hah

Answer #6


more importantly… Nope.

Answer #7

Yeah, without all the racism and steoreotyping of people, there would be no chaos or riots happening in the world.

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