What makes children find other children weird?

Answer #1

usually influence brought on from their parents

Answer #2

Its learned from other kids, their parents, the media, etc. As kids we usually find “weird” people intriguing and cool and dont think of them as weird until someone else tells them that they are. Such as kids growing up in an all wiccan/gothic family, they grow up thinking normal people are weird because they were raised to think that. They wont understand until their older and in school and their peers mention that they would be considerd the “weird” ones.

Answer #3

External Stimulus, everything around them effects there thinking.

Answer #4

Just the wrold around us. I mean you go to a school and you see this separation between people, you see people hanging out with their own kind of people, you see people hate other people and people treat other people bad. So what do you do? You go try to fit in with the best crowd and all of a sudden you hate because they are not like you, or diffrent. All of a suden all this reason start popping up, of why you should hate a certain individual. Is the world around us, and how we see things, we ALL go by what goes around us. And hate is one of those things we follow.

Answer #5

they aren’t use to seeing any one different from them selves

Answer #6

everyone is weird in their own way, kids just notice is more because they’re just getting use to the world.

Answer #7

mostly its how there rasied and there point of view on things, like the things doing prep vs. emo its all just nonsence and is rubbish that we should all kick out of our noggins

Answer #8

I think a lot of times it the way they are raised all parents dose not raise there children the same way.when a child see another child that acts differently .then the child may think that he/she is wired due to the way the child acts,listens, etc.

Answer #9

It’s the world.What ever somebody else does the next person will do,and the next person,and so on.It’s hard to fit in especially at school.

Answer #10

I agree =)

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