I have really skinny legs how to make them look fuller?

well I kinda have really skinny legs and they're long and I hate it
so um do you know what would make them look more fuller?
does it make it look worse if I use skinny jeans?

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wear fuller jeans...all I can say is, I wish I had longer legs...!! lucky you

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To fdfiaf
When I met my wife at eighteen she also had very skinny legs (no fat and no muscle) and some comments from other girls about her "little girl legs" made her cover up but now at 36 she is generally more confident and says she regrets not showing her legs when younger, her legs are much fatter now than they were but still small at only 20inch thighs and 12 inch calves.
My does still have some issues regarding her size or lack of size, most of it comes from nast comments from other people, don't let them get to you in the same way!

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There are a lot of exercises you can do to improve the shape of your legs such as running, cycling, skating, squats, etc. You can improve the shape of your calf muscles by doing calf raises. Squats and calf raises will work the best by holding a heavy weight in your hands. Do the exercises without weights at first, when your muscles gets stronger and you get used to the exercises you can add weights. A weight bench with leg attachments will allow you to do some exercises that might help. Good luck to you.

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I have the same problem as you - I cant wear skirts I cant wear shorts I am embarrassed to wear a bikini or swimsuit - I am so limited as I have such thin legs - people say I have childrens legs but I have no choice my parents have skinny legs so it is genetic - I can work out but it is very hard to do and takes time. I would wear long dresses maxi ones or three quarter dresses or skirts and wear boots fitted to your legs with long socks underneath to bulk up the legs and give it shape.

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yea it makes your legs look skinnier in skinny jeans

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On the last message I meant attitude, not attitute.

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To fdfiaf: You say that you can't wear skirts and shorts because your legs are too skinny and you are embarrassed to wear a bikini or swimsuit. It DOES NOT have to be like that. I do understand where you are coming from, the teasing and rude comments that you can get from some people can be very unpleasant. There are always people saying things they have no business saying, it makes some people feel really good to hurt your feelings. However, giving into people like that and letting them control your life is a bad thing to do. Choosing to not do the things you enjoy doing, choosing not to enjoy your life to the fullest and not being happy is a very bad thing to do. You need to stop worrying so much about what other people thinks and do something for yourself. You need to stop being so sensitive and stop letting what other people says or thinks get you down. I'm a lot older than you and I can tell you this from experience, your youth will not last forever, the years will really go by fast. I strongly advise you to enjoy every minute of it. It makes no difference how thin your legs are, there is not one reason in this world that you can't wear shorts and be happy. Shorts are very comfortable and a lot of fun to wear and you will love them. In warm weather I strongly encourage you to wear shorts everywhere you go. Don't NEVER be embarrassed by the size and shape of your legs. Don't NEVER spend one minute of your hot summers suffering in uncomfortable long pants to please anybody. You need to develop the attitute that you are doing something for yourself and if anybody don't like it they can keep their eyes off of you. If anybody makes a rude or ugly comment don't say anything back to them, just ignore them and walk away. Do not under any circumstances let what they say ruin your day. You might have people to joke with you without meaning any harm. The best way to handle that is to laugh at yourself and show them that nothing they say bothers you. Always keep a smile on your face. Everything will be fine. You can wear anything you want to and enjoy every minute of it. Good luck to you.

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you could were flair jeans or try wearing boot cut jeans!!

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dont wear skinny jeans if you want your legs to look fuller, as Escobar said, working them out to gain some muscle would work. You wont get huge thighs or anything but firmer legs with nice muscle definition. Running is great, along with weight training.

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Umm... only way I really know of overcoming that is by working them out! Usually just doing a couple of squats and leg presses a week you'll start to gain a little bit of thickness. hope it helps!

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