How do I get chicken grease out of my grey cotton and modal shirt?

Answer #1

spray hairspray on the stain and then let it sit fer a bit n then wash it

Answer #2

dip it in very hot water with detergent and use hard brush to remove . after that give it to dry clean for wash with petrol. it will help…..:-)

Answer #3

Do these work if the stain is already set? Like I washed it normally and dried it already.

Answer #4

may be yes, if you want you shirt back you can try that .generally petrol removes all the stain ,vanishes everything . I am not sure but try.

Answer #5

Dawn dish soap. It fights grease and is gentle enough they use it on wild life to save them from oil spills.

Answer #6

Vanish, Napisan always works if you haven’t tried it, I recommend it.

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