Strange pink stains on my shirt (armpit area)

Okay, so I put my shirt through the washer (and dryer, blahblahblah) but when it came out, the armpit area on the sleeves were pink! I have no idea why. is this common at all? and how can I get rid of the pink stains?

Answer #1

Were you on any medications ? I have the same issue lately and I have started a new medication lately and was wondering if that is causing it.

Answer #2

I think they are sweat stains. Mine do that to but they arnt pink they are more of a dark color. after you put it in the dryer though its not going to come out.

Answer #3

I think they are stains from a deodorant or antiperspirant. Have you changed brands?

Answer #4

ooo thats bad. o_o is there a way to get it out though???

Answer #5

Well depending on the color of your shirt,You might be able to bleach it out.

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