Do you check your points page to see who has "liked" your answers?

Everytime i notice an answer of mine was “liked” its like a compulsion…i must go to my points page and find out who “liked” my answer lol.

Answer #1

Yes, I do that regularly. I like to see which people took the time in actually reading my answer and praising/agreeing with my answers.

Answer #2

Yes, usually. I think it’s interesting to see who likes my answers.(:

Answer #3

very true :)

Answer #4

Not really, although when I get a notification saying ‘blah has given you 2 points for your answer’ or something, I click it so I can see what I wrote that got me points! Haha

Answer #5

Me too :)

Answer #6

Yes i check regularly and also try to give them reward if they deserve any points

Answer #7

Yes I check reguarly and I post something in their feed (when I remember because the site can get busy), thanking them for the pts, with a happy face :-)

Answer #8

Yes I Do.. Because I Try To Give Thoughtful Good Answers

Answer #9

I didn’t know we had one. Thank’s for the fyi.. I dislike going without giving thank’s..

Answer #10

Yep click on My Points and it will take you to the page that says who gave you pts :-)

Answer #11

I usually just look at the “Alerts”.

Answer #12

I do both, lol.

Answer #13

I wish there was also a way to see who “liked” my pics, videos, and status comments, even though no points are involved. Like for example, if those showed up as alerts, and the “See all your alerts” link worked.

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