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Is this cheating?

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I have a boyfriend been dating for almost 4 years. I love him more than anything I am really against cheating. My best friend and I had a sleepover… we got drunk. She kissed me / grabbed my boobs. I kissed her back not really understanding whats going on. Then she was humping me / finger banging me she pushed my hands down her pants I did it back to her then I realized what I did so I stop right away. She kept trying to id push her away shed keep doing it I was getting mad so I rolled over went to sleep. She finally stop in the morning I was mad didn’t know what to say to her. Would you classify this cheating? I seriously don’t know what to tell my boyfriend? I cant keep anything from him I love him to bits I don’t think he’d care but what if he does She got me so drunk that I could barely stand and I don’t even remember some of the night. What should I do I cant lose my boyfriend I care to much about him. My best friend and I are both girls and no im not bisexual never been curious this is so out of character felt kinda taken advantage of.