Is changing birthcontrols bad?

Answer #1

As long as you aren’t changing them often no.

Answer #2

Well, Changing abruptly could lead to unpleasant side effects, and increase chances of an unwanted pregnancy. I suggest you try the following. :)

Discuss plans to switch birth control pills with your gynecologist. Your doctor will know whether the new pill you’re considering is even medically different from your current pill since many have extremely similar combinations of hormones. She can also give you specific advice on when to switch pills.

Continue taking your old birth control pill if you’re mid-cycle. Switching before you’ve finished a pill pack can reduce your protection against pregnancy. Depending on the pill you were on and how different it is from the one you’re switching to, you also could suffer some side effects like breakthrough bleeding if you switch at the wrong time.

Go through your inactive or placebo pills until it’s time to begin a new pill pack. This means you’ll probably get your period.

Begin your new birth control pills instead of starting a new pack of your old birth control pill. A new birth control pill isn’t considered effective until it’s been in your system for a full 7 days. So make sure you use a condom with spermicide as a back-up until you’ve taken the new birth control pill for a week.

Give your body a few cycles to judge whether you like the new birth control pill. It can take this long to adapt to the change in hormones and side effects like breakthrough bleeding-especially with very low estrogen pills-can be a problem until that time passes.

Answer #3

well i have the implanon implant & it hurts my arm. i cant lean on my arm. Thats why i want it out. I got it on 6 months ago. & i just wanna change it.

Answer #4

GO speak to a doctor your body could simply be rejecting it. My body refuses to have anything inside it that shouldn’t be there. Piercings for example i used to have 18 and now i have none cause my body rejected everything from Implant grade titanium to glass to plastic. I’d reccomend getting on depo or the pill :)

Answer #5

Oh ok, well when you get those they do tell you that you can have it removed anytime you want right? So just go to your doctor and explain to them that you don’t want it anymore and why. Then they can arrange to take it out and prescribe you some pills, or another form of BC. :)

Answer #6

Not necessarily. If one birth control isn’t working for you, then it is better to switch to another one.

Speak to your doctor or nurse to get the implant out and discuss other alternatives.

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