Who knows if there a way to change physician?

like say someone moved to a new town, could they get a new Physicians? or any others way

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If they moved to a new town, they'd have to get a new doctor...it's a little inconvenient to keep going back to see the one in the other town.

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Yes, when you move you can choose a new doctor. If your not under a government insurance program (such as medicaid) you have the right to change doctors whenever you want for whatever personal reason you have. Even under medicaid you can switch doctors for personal reasons you just have to notify medicaid ahead of time and get the change approved.

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well my girlfriend need a new one, and she got the medical Card. How long do you think it would take for the change approved. We need it to be kinda quick?

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She needs to call her medical card provider and talk to them, it can take anywhere from a few days to a month to get approved sometimes.

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I think you can, you just give the new doctor your old doctors info so he can get a report and all and so he becomes familiar with your health amd stuff.

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Yes, contact your insurance provider and ask physician in your area .
They may tell you over the phone or send you a booklet in the mail or they may give you a web site to go on .

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