Why do cats like to rub their body against you?

My aunts cat does that to me as well haha she follows me too

Answer #1

It’s a gesture of affection, and also their way of saying ‘hello I’m here- pat me!!’

Answer #2

LoL awwwe ok thanks(:

Answer #3

cuz cats love to cuddle :3

Answer #4

Cats have scent glands on either side of their mouths and on the base of their tails. They rub against you to mark you as their territory. They’re also getting your scent on them. You belong to your cat, you know. :)

Answer #5

if they rub and sniff your armpit its because they like salt -.-

Answer #6

LoL ok thanks :)

Answer #7

HaHa what ?? !! My aunts cat never been near my arm pit .. she does that on my legs and when she jumps on me on my chest or under my neck :D

Answer #8

(: awwe thanks !

Answer #9

lol under your neck means they liek salt also

Answer #10

i read somewhere that when they do that they are claiming you. i don’t know how true that is

Answer #11

lol salt ? my neck has no salt !! lol nor does my armpit !!! lol

Answer #12

hummm alright thanks(:

Answer #13

There is a white tomcat living in my house. (We got him from an animal shelter and he decided to stay with us and annex the place. He calls me “tin can opener” and he occasionally allows me to sit on his sofa.)

He always rubs against people who wear black pants. Ha also sleeps on dark pillows only. So he must be doing it on purpose, in order to leave white cat hair on our dark clothes.

Answer #14

to try and get you to pat thm and it is appently a good thing if they put their bottum in your face because it mean they love you

Answer #15

haha thanks

Answer #16

this is the way they show their attachment and affection to you.

Answer #17

alright thanks :)

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