Cat troubles

MY cat is pregnet I thot shed be another month before sh had kittens but she has had three and they have all died. They are really small. IS somethinwrong or is it maybe cause this is her first pregnancy? Please help me out

Answer #2

You don’t want her to go through this again. Her body will get stunted and she will get sickly if she get pregnant right away and as phrannie said she will come back into heat right away.

We have wild cats next door and the are sickly and stunted from getting pregnant all the time.

Answer #3

It’s very possible it’s because it’s her first litter…

Now go get her spayed, while you have a chance. She’ll go right back into heat, so you have to be quick…


Answer #4

Poor kitty. ;[ But yes… get it spayed, it’ll live a better and longer life.

Answer #5

Please follow the advice from phrannie and magichalo. An animal that is spayed/neutered will live a longer, happier, healthier life. Have her spayed. She will be much happier.

Answer #6

could be first pregnancy plus she may have been to young. . it is actually fairly common.

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