How to know when my cat is having trouble with labor?

Hi, I have a cat that is in labor she started about 11 last night. She wanted me to rub her belly which was very unusual for her, so I knew something was up. Well I was up all night with her and she kept having some discharge come out of her,she lost her MP at 2am, she can’t reach her her genital area to clean it up, and now there is brown liqued comeing out of her. She was and still is breathing heavy. She wont let me leave her alone, if I walk out of the room she goes too.I know a lot of cats would rather be alone but she wants me right there, it seems that when I am there her labor starts to go faster, but I have 2 small children that I also have to see to and when I leave she wants to be right there with me. Well at about 8 this morning, ( it’s 2.00pm now) She started pushing, she pushed only a couple of times and then either a bunch of liquid came out, or she urinated. Well after that she hasn’t pushed anymore, but she is still breathing very heavy and having a lot of discharge and liquid come out of her. I’m not sure if she is slowing the labor because I have to leave in and out of the room, and I don’t know if that will hurt her or the kittens. This is her first litter, and my first one to assist as well! So I’m not sure if this is a sign of any distress. Could you please let me know what I should do! Is this normal, I have read tons on what to expect when its time, but nothing about what is happening now. Thanks

Answer #1

she probably not healthy

Answer #2

She is very healthy, and well taken care of. I saved her when she was 12 weeks old and about dead. She is an inside cat and she is very loved.

Answer #3

she may be having problems because it is her first pregnancy. I have assisted in a few litters and have never heard of a labor taking this long. you should really consider taking her to the vet asap! hope I helped

Answer #4

I’ve had multitudes of litters and sometimes it takes a long time…however, if you’re concerned, then don’t hesitate to call the vet - they will often give you advice right over the phone.

By the way…many cats prefer to be with someone when they’re labouring.

Answer #5

if she hadn’t produced even one kitten in 15 hours of labor, you better get her to the Vet. Yes, having kittens can take a long time…but that’s counting from kitten #1 to the last kitten. It is NOT normal for her to be in labor for 15 hours without a single baby. You’re liable to lose her and the ktitens.


Answer #6

I am a trainee vet nurse and your story definatly causes concern. It sounds as though your cat is slowing her labour due to problems giving birth,usually the reason for this would be one of her kittens may be in the wrong position. The brown liquid was the “amniotic fluid”. If you feel her stomach in labour you should be able to feel the kittens. If you cannot feel the kittens then you definatly need to brong her to Emergency animal hospital. SHe could be just experiencing a dificult first pregnancy as many animals do

Good Luck

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