Cat food

How many meals do cats have a day?

Answer #1

I feed my cats a third a cup in the moring and give them a small snack in the evening. (we just sprinkle a bit of cat food on the ground). they seem to be really healthy.

Answer #2

My cat had dry food out at all times…he ate when he wanted, as much as he wanted from kittenhood to old age.


Answer #3

I find it varies- I’ve had cats who eat 3 times daily, others who eat twice daily, and my current cat nibbles cat biscuits during the day and has wet food at night. It’s a matter of finding what works and going with it.

Answer #4

yeah and your lifestyle, like if I’m at home, I top their bowls up thre times a day (keeps the food fresher)

but if I’m at uni or on a shift then I do it in the morning, in the evening but I leave the biggest bowl of bscuits for them just in case they run out by the time I get home..

I have a friend who is ONLY allowed to feed her cats ONE POUCH of cat food a day…(her cats V V overweight, loke 7kgs!) and her cat goes on and on and on…but that’s prescription mega nutritional cat food..

let you cat tell you, just don’t feed it all the time, otherwise it’ll end up like my friends…

if you get pouches it tells you how much. my two cats between them only eat one tin a day + biscuits..but if they want more, I give it, they know when they’ve had enough..:)

Answer #5

I just set my cats food out in the morning and he nibbles all day.

Answer #6

they eat on their own time sooo I don’t know they eat various meals???

Answer #7

My cats have food down all the time. The only thing I have to watch out for it the dogs getting into it. ;)

Answer #8

Like lex said, it depends on the cat… My cat has dry food out all day and she eats when she’s hungry…

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