What car is better: a hummer 2 or a corvette?

What car is better: a hummer 2 or a corvet???

Answer #1


They are both impractical, have horrible gas mileage, the insurance is too high, one won’t fit in normal parking spaces, the other is a penis extension for midlife crisis males.

Answer #2

Corvette. Every single person I see on the road driving a Hummer I give the finger!! Seriously, it’s a MILITARY VEHICLE why do people think they look so badass in it, driving on city streets? You just look like a pompous asshole, nothing more.

A Corette however (still not economical but not as horrid as a Hummer) is at least sexy to look at!

Answer #3

I like the corvette…but really it depends on what you’re trying to do. a corvette won’t tow your boat…

Answer #4

corvette all the way

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