How to deal with that really awkward silence while in a car with someone I don't know all too well, for 2 hours?

They arent a complete stranger, they are more of a friend of a friend. I’m going to a concert and they are going to the same one. Hes picking me up so that my friend doesnt have to make another trip to my town. The car ride is almost two hours, how can I pass that time and help it to not be so awkward? PLease help! Thank you!

Answer #1

The driver will be occupied driving and listening to the radio and he won’t feel awkward at all. You can easily just take a nap in the car, keep busy texing you friends, bring some book or magazine, ipod etc there’s many things:P

Answer #2

It depends on the driver. Some people like to talk while driving and some don’t. and like you say its not a complete stranger, but a friend of a friend. at least one thing you have in common, great idea for a conversation starter and take it from there. if you pick up that the driver likes driving and not talk the radio would be at a volume that makes conversation difficult so then just sit back and enjoy the trip.

Answer #3

Thanks for your answer, I hope your right lol. I hate awkwardness like that and I am dreading it already lol.

Answer #4

Well let me try to explain better, my friend Jessica is friends with a girl named Amanda, Amanda is the drivers friend. But I went to school with all three, just only talked to Jessica but, I know the other two. Also the driver is my cousins friend so its kinda like that lol. Thanks.

Answer #5

Thank you for the ideas!

Answer #6

Talk to him. Or sleep. Or read. Or play a video game. Or not get paranoid and self-concious over such petty social graces and minutiae.

Answer #7

Haha thanks, I have a bit of anxiety when it comes to things like this. So I’m not suprised I freaked out a bit.

Answer #8

I think it’s best to attempt to make conversation, as opposed to reading or texting which is kind of rude considering he’s picking you up. Just attempt to make conversation and he will try and carry it on because he’s probably feeling a bit awkward about this car ride too! Topics can be: Favorite music (you must have that in common as you are going to the same concert lol), pets at home (depending on yours and his age) brothers, sisters, school you went to, work/college/uni, friends in common, pastimes, current events… Having the radio on in the background is good because songs will come on that will start conversations and the radio hosts will talk about things that could lead to conversation. Besides, with a song in the background it makes awkward silences a little more bearable haha!

Answer #9

Thank you Renee, I was also thinking that it might make me come off as rude if I were to read or something. I just really dreaded it and its next Wednesday so yeah haha. I guess I’ll just say something related to the concert to start, and hopefully things will go smoothly. Thanks again. :)

Answer #10

I suggest you take some CD’s and ask if you can play them during the journey : . ….. Maybe some stuff by the Band (or whatever) you’re all going to see.

Answer #11

Pass wind!

Answer #12

I would not text or read or listen to an ipod, that is kinda rude when you’re with someone else. But make some cds, and try to talk. You could nap (there’s no rule against that). Honestly though, the situation is only awkward if you think it is awkward. If you make up your mind that silence is ok, and breathe. Then silence will be ok. This is something that took me years to figure out, it really is ok to just sit in silence sometimes, the trick is that you DECIDE you want to sit in silence. If you dont want to be sitting in silence, then it is awkward and extremely anxiety provoking (at least for me). Once it becomes something you’re doing on purpose, it becomes easy.

Answer #13

Thanks Ty, you make a great point. And yeah it is anxiety provoking for me as well. You can see it is a week away and I’m already thinking about this lol. Thank you!

Answer #14

Haha made me laugh. Lol

Answer #15

I thought about that, thanks for the help!

Answer #16

the worst thing is when you are the one trying to make conversationa nd he is really being akward about it using one word answers so when he asks u things try and talk as much as possible but then try and ask him abaout himself cos everyone loves talking bout themselves and i advise you start by getting to know them a lil better, good luck :)

Answer #17

Best bet its just make a comment on something go on around you, or talk about the news or something

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