What are some careers that involve only a couple of months or a year of training school?

Answer #1

I think Vet Tech is only 1.5 years. Pretty decent demand but not too much pay, depending on where you work. I’ve thought about doing it.

Ironically, I did my Masters in only 1.5 years, regularly only 2 year program. If you have a Bachelors, I’d consider doing a short-term, fast-paced Masters program and getting it out of the way. Theoretically, Masters should help you get more work + higher pay, although mine hasn’t benefited me up to this point, financially.

Answer #2

There are several medical jobs you can do a short certification for, i.e. less than a year. Find a technical school, and you can usually do a medical assisting program or a certified nursing assistant program or something.

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