how can i take care of pink eye?

Answer #1

Wash your hands before touching the eye area. Clean the eye area with a clean washcloth dampened with warm water. Use a cool compress to relieve itching. Wash any clothing, towels and bedding touched by the infected eye; bacterial and viral infections are very contagious. Avoid wearing contact lenses until the infection clears up There is no over-the-counter medicine specifically for pinkeye. If the problem is caused by bacteria, you’ll need to see a doctor for treatment. Viruses need to run their course. If the pinkeye is caused by an allergy, get rid of the allergen or see your doctor for allergy relief.

Answer #2

Adriana- perfect answer !!!

Answer #3

thank you =]

Answer #4

wash your pillows as much as possible…dont touch your eyes with your hand and keep a warm washcloth on it as much asa you can

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