Grandparents and they wont let me do anything

Okay I live with my grandparents and they wont let me do anything or go anywere and its like I cant breath how can I change their mind and let me go places

Answer #1

Why do you live with your Grand parents? where are your parents? Dead? Drug addicts? Nuts? for whatever reason they cant take care of you… Is it possible for you to see maybe they dont want you to turn out like your parents… maybe they dont feel they did a good job maybe they are scared to lose you…A child a son a daughter is ther most precious thing a love that is unconditional a Grandchild well that is your babys baby I cant imagine how much love they have for you Im only a mom.

Answer #2

I agree with peachiekeen09. just sit them down and fully explain yourself and everything you want them to let up on. good luck!

Answer #3

Anothermother is probably on the right trail here. Pick a time when there is not some tense issue at stake and ask to have a talk about their expectations. Find out what their major fears and concerns are about your common activities and see if you can find ways to relieve or satisfy them. Are they worried about your being out too late? Agree to a curfew and stick to it. Are they worried about who you hang out with? Introduce them to your friends or find friends they approve of (this may be hard to impossible, depending on who you hang with). Help them to understand that you will demonstrate that you can be trusted with little things and they can gradually come to trust you to be responsible with bigger things. Try to actually develop a “behavior contract” with them that allows you more freedom over time in return for meeting their expectations. Remember, as restrictive as they seem, they are just trying to keep you alive through the riskiest time of your life. This too, shall pass.

Answer #4

talk 2 em & explain why a lil breathing space is necessary

Answer #5

well I’m 15 and my parents aren’t too bad with me. well my moms really not but my dad’s protective… he always calls me his “little girl” but thats besides the point. Usually a sit down should work. I’m sorry. Have you tired to ask for just very little lee way on things?

Answer #6

I’ve tried that and they just scream and say stuff like no you are not old enough and im finna be 16

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