Candy Man and Bloody Mary

Are the rumors true about candy man and bloody mary. like if you say there names a certain amount of times the glass will break or they will come get you and stuff? and have you tried it and what happen?

Answer #1

My friends and I always did that when we were younger, nothing ever happened though it was all in our heads.

Answer #2

False;; It’s all in your head.

Answer #3

it’s a bunch of its all made up

Answer #4

I no I’ve been just wonderin if it was true… so yeah… the thing about the world ending.. no fricken way its going 2 end in 2012 lol.

Answer #5

these are both just bullshit,nothing will get you.

I’ve tried it drunk,sober,high and not;no apparition is gonna come take you away just cause you spun aroun five times,said their name and flushed a damn toilet.

Answer #6

Totally false.

Answer #7

omg I have done that with me & my friend & it worked 4 us & it was so weird because in the dark after we said bloody mary like 5 times we saw her in the mirror waving at us im scared to go in there bathroom now lol :P

Answer #8

Now Candy Man did exsist in Texas. During Halloween he poisened his own children to get the insurance money. Halloween has never been the same since. Never heard bout the Mary crap.

Answer #9

Pure Twilight 33. You, are ridiculous. I believe the question was asked for an audience of people who are, in fact, not tripping on LSD.

No matter what you say or where you say it (ie: alone, with friends, night/day, to a mirror, etc.) there will be no appearance of any “spirits”. Nothing will haunt you. If you believe things like that, then you probably support bigger lies, like Scientology or the end of the world coming in 2012.

Answer #10

I deliberately tried that because my friend was scared (this was ages ago). I didn’t try the candyman one, but I can tell you right now that it is all superstition and this is just a tale. No crazy spirits came after me, lol.

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